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Tinysasters 2
Develop your own civilization on a tiny tile-based world.
Pocket Ninja
Point and click to slay your enemies in this tactical battle game.
Aliens Quest
Help two funny looking aliens escape jail.
Ancient Planet
Stop the alien aggressors at all cost in this epic TD game.
Zombie Tactics
Plot Zombie Tactics in this turn-based war against the walking dead!
Happy Mart
Create and run the happiest supermarket ever built.
The Awakening RPG
Grab your sword and embark on an heroic adventure!
Tiny King
Explore your kingdom and find a missing royal cake.
Flash's Bounty
Grow an army to protect your kingdom in this turn based RPG.
Fishtopia Tycoon
Catch, breed and sell fish to grow your own fishing empire!
Demons Down Under
Delve deep into hell and fight monsters and demons in this fantasy RPG game.
Explore dungeons, loot for weapons and become a hero in this turn-based RPG.