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TNT Robots
Use high powered explosives to blast each and every robot to bits.
Portal 2D
A tribute to Valve’s console puzzle game Portal 2.
Apple Cannon
Fill the bucket with apple projectiles.
Cut the Monster 3
Use lasers, spikes and physics to get rid of more monsters.
Drop your pals and watch them bounce around, collecting points.
Ninja Shape
Guide a lazy ninja towards his foe in this puzzle physics game.
Airbender 2
Use wind, fire, lightning and meteors to eliminate all creatures.
Zombie Demolisher 2
Launch demolition projectiles to blast all zombies off the screen.
Lost Yeti
Solve sliding blocks puzzles to guide the yeti to the finish.
Kill the Plumber
It's reverse Super Mario, find a way to kill Mario in each level.
Arrows and Horns
Use your bow and arrows to hunt not very smart animals.
Shape Fold Animals
Solve animal jigsaws by rotating and connecting shapes.