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Stick Squad
Clear the way in this stickman sniper game!
Truck Monsters
Slam fossils to gain super speed and win this prehistoric truck race!
Papa's Pastaria
Run your own Italian pasta restaurant!
Trollface Quest
A bizarre point and click game, keep the stickman alive.
Vulpin Adventure
Customize your pet and head out into a dangerous monster infested world.
Castaway 2
Stranded on a mysterious island, it is up to you to find a way off.
Boss Fighter 2
A brand new line up of epic bosses, rockets and various sci-fi upgrades.
Pet raising sim! Train your duckling to become a champ.
The Peacekeeper
Play as the Peacekeeper and fight to promote peace and morality.
Sands of the Coliseum
Prepare for some challenging gladiator battles.
Feed Us: Pirates
The bloodthirsty piranha is back for some crispy pirate meat!
Spiters Annihilation 4
Get rid of all the monsters. No Mercy!
Fleeing the Complex
Help a stickman escape from a prison complex.
Heroes in Super Action Adventure
Lead a team of super heroes to protect the earth.
Build a team of bear warriors and defeat the enemy.