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Kill the PlumberBalls R UsCrazy Skater
It's reverse Super Mario, find a way to kill Mario in each level.
Jump from rooftops, fire at helicopters, play some golf.. YOLO
Perform tricks, collect coins and reach the finish without falling.
Royal SquadAsgard AttackThe Power of Love
Get ready to face a huge army of undead soldiers!
Stop the invading armies of orcs and goblins in this epic strategy game!
Destroy a castle in the name of Love!
Love BurgerFrozen IslandsMutilate a Doll 2
Find the right ingredients for making the Love Burger.
Save your villagers from the hands of an evil ice wizard.
Mutilate a stickman in this experimental torture game!
Big FarmEmpireFarmerama
Build, grow and manage your own farm!
Build your own castle, create a powerful army and crush the enemy.
Run your own farm full of cuddly creatures.
Llama in your FacePursuit of HatDisaster Will Strike: Ultimate Disaster
You are the most awesome Llama in the Zoo!
Tear off your own limbs to get back your hat in this funny puzzle platformer.
Create natural disasters and crush all eggs on the screen.
FruitsPursuit of Hat 2Dino Shift 2
Smash fruits to make fruit juice out of each level.
The pursuit continues! Tear off your own limbs to get back your hat.
Murphy the color shifting dino is back for more puzzle platform fun!
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4.45 out of 5

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Filesize: 4.53 MB
Click and drag to select a path for each bunny.
Unite them with their like-colored mushrooms.
Bunnies can only move on platforms of the same color, co-operate to find a way towards victory.