Racing Toys
EmpireJacksmithInfiltrating the Airship
Build your own castle, create a powerful army and crush the enemy.
Forge weapons and send your warriors to battle!
Be a hero in this fun stickman adventure. Follow-up to Stealing the Diamond.
Solandia UprisingWarlords: Epic ConflictLoot Heroes
Raise your army, upgrade your weapons and destroy the enemy castle.
Train an army of warlords, upgrade your weapons and fight to conquer the lands!
Choose your hero and raid your way thru dungeons and bosses!
Tinysasters 2GatherXIdle Farmer
Develop your own civilization on a tiny tile-based world.
Chop down a magic beanstalk and prevent the giants from coming down to Earth.
Work hard to grow your farm and raise your family!
Sacred HeroesVirus WarsPainters Guild
Protect and ancient temple by raising an army of soldiers and heroes.
Develop a powerful virus to conquer the world!
Develop your guild into the greatest of the Renaissance.