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Demons Down Under
Delve deep into hell and fight monsters and demons in this fantasy RPG game.
Football Champions 2015
Await a perfect pass and kick the ball to score!
Pocket Platoon
Lead your platoon of brave soldiers to victory over the blood thirsty alien invaders.
Tinysasters 2
Develop your own civilization on a tiny tile-based world.
Papas Freezeria
Run your own ice cream shop on a tropical island.
Monster Arena
Raise and train your own monster pets, then send them into the arena to fight!
Dillo Hills 2
Fly over hill tops in this multiplayer release of Dillo Hills.
Sky Chasers
Take to the skies in a cardboard box!
Cloud Wars: Sunny Day
Lead your clouds to victory in this strategic battle game.
Vulpin Adventure
Customize your pet and head out into a dangerous monster infested world.
Shop Empire Fable
Step inside a fantasy kingdom and run your own shopping mall!
Awesome Planes
Upgrade your plane and cause maximum destruction!
Swords and Souls
Train your warrior and send him to the arena!
Farming Simulator
Run your own farm is this 3D farm sim.
Drivetown Taxi
Cruise around town, pick up passengers and deliver them on time.