Mad SkeletonsSave The DummyNutty Boom
Help Frankenstein put the escaped skeletons back into their coffins.
Make sure the helpless dummy leaves the screen as quickly as possible.
Place bombs to guide the little squirrel through the obstacle course.
Feed Us HappyMad Burger 2Learn to Fly Idle
Upgrade a bouncy piranha in this bloody Flappy Bird style game.
Launch your burgers as far as possible.
Adjust the aim, upgrade your snowballs and avalanche your targets!
Keep an EyeGrumpy BeaksFlappy Bird
Create the right momentum and keep your eye away from trouble.
Lead a fleet of flappy birds past pipes and reach as far as possible.
Play as Flappy Bird and see how long you can fly!
Twisted Red Riding HoodFlying ChopsThe Great Bazooki
Jump and double-jump your way through this special version of the classic fairytale.
Lead your flying piglets to victory against all butchers on Earth!
Launch aces from your sleeve as you perform balloon popping tricks!