Bigdino Copyright Policy

To minimize the risk that we infringe on a copyright of the games, we have taken a number of measures. By means of this page, we want to keep our users, or the ones who attach importance to it, posted of this.

  1. For the placement of a number of games/movies we have asked permission and received.
  2. A considerable number of games may be placed without any requirements on Internetsites, for a number of games published on our site we could not find copyright information.
  3. We change nothing at the source code of the games featured on our site. Mentions of for example creditholders, names, or referrals to websites stay unmodified.
  4. For every game we publish on this site we display developer information, including a link back to their website.

In case we are publishing a game without the required license, please let us know.

If you suspect someone else is abusing Bigdino's copyright please contact us.

  • If you have any additional questions please contact us at