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Fractured 2
Help a girl find her daddy in this unique puzzle platform game.
An addictive puzzle game, connect the hexagons in the right order.
TNT Robots
Use high powered explosives to blast each and every robot to bits.
Little Alchemy 2
Combine four basic elements, fire, water, earth and air to re-invent the world.
Pretentious Game 5
Part five of this minimalist platform game that touches complex themes..
Cut the Rope 2
Nom nom nom X2.. Cut the rope to feed candy to the little monster.
Silly Ways to Die 2
Protect these silly creatures from unexpected disaster.
Silly Ways to Die
Protect each of these silly citizens from unexpected disaster.
Max and Mink
Help Max and Mink work together to reach the exit.
Jump Out! Workshop
Help the little critters escape the workshop. Save each one now!
Apple Worm
Bend your worm into impossible positions to get the apple.
Wheely 8: Aliens
Help Wheely out after an alien encounter.