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Cheese Barn Level Pack
The hungry little mouse is back for more puzzling-based cheese eating fun!
Cat Around Europe 2
Bring a hungry cat it's favorite snack in this puzzle physics game.
Digital Upgrade: Decoded
Stay below the line as you combine your monsters to try to unlock new ones.
Slice of Zen
A relaxing physics based slicing game
Doodle God: Good Old Times
Combine elements to create Castles and Knights!
Heart Box
An increasingly challenging puzzle physics game.
Cut The Rope Magic
Take Om Nom on a new magical puzzle adventure.
Outwit the evil hunters and make them shoot each other.
Little Alchemy 2
Combine four basic elements, fire, water, earth and air to re-invent the world.
Pretentious Game 5
Part five of this minimalist platform game that touches complex themes..
Cut the Rope 2
Nom nom nom X2.. Cut the rope to feed candy to the little monster.
Silly Ways to Die 2
Protect these silly creatures from unexpected disaster.