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Kill the Heroes
As an evil supervillain you must stop all heroes who get in the way of your plans.
Monster Arena
Raise and train your own monster pets, then send them into the arena to fight!
Help a boy find his mother in this unique puzzle platform game.
Dr Flammenwerfer
Bring evil to the city in this mad scientist upgrade based shooter.
Murloc RPG
Expanded version of the classic RPG.
Swords and Souls
Train your warrior and send him to the arena!
Jelly Truck
Drive a truck though a world made of jelly!
Pigs Will Fly
A multi-cursor time manipulating puzzle game.
Strike Force Heroes
An action packed deathmatch shooter.
Decision 3
EPIC top-down shooter, team up with other survivors to fight a zombie plague.
Cut The Rope Magic
Take Om Nom on a new magical puzzle adventure.
Nutty Mania
Launch the brave little squirrels to collect all nuts.
Battle for Darkness
Command your evil hordes in an epic battle to destroy anything in your path.
Mighty Knight 2
Defeat a lot of scary monsters in this action RPG.
Caravan Beast
Pick a pet and embark on an adventurous quest!