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Bigdino developer info | Carmel Games
LukeThe ProposalVortex Point
Help Luke escape a crazy woman that wants to marry him after only one date.
Help Josh out hearing the love of his life say 'YES'.
Help a team of paranormal investigators solve their case.
Creepo's TalesHabla KadablaVortex Point 2
Weird things have been happening lately at the shopping mall..
Help a friendly witch recover her stolen cash register.
Help the team of paranormal investigators solve the case of a missing teen.
Darker Ride EscapeBack in TimeLike Vampire Like Son
Escape from a dark ride at an abandoned amusement park.
A time machine has sent you to the middle ages, point and click to find your way back.
Help Jordan become a true vampire so he can return to Vampireville.
Tom's CruiseHaunted House ToursTales of Carmelot
Help Tom to find his wife during their wedding cruise.
Take a scary tour inside a haunted house.
Serve your King by finding a missing pot of gold.
Ray and Cooper 2Yurius's House of SpooksA Day at the Library
Investigate and try to solve the biggest kidnapping crime to date!
Your model airplane crashed into a spooky house, get it back!
Help a crazy librarian keep peace and harmony in his library.
Cap'n Marcela Parrot CharmerTammy Jo SuperstarLove Burger
Save your island from vicious evil pirates!
From zero to hero, help Tammy Jo turn into a superstar.
Find the right ingredients for making the Love Burger.
Alyssa's QuestKatja's EscapeKatja's Escape 2
Point and click to protect the Kingdom of Oakcliff
Help a trapped archeologist find a way out of an ancient tomb.
Katja goes inside an escape-the-room attraction, help her escape.