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Bigdino developer info | GameTornado
RocketvilleSkate ManiaTruck Wars
Blow up funny looking creatures using a variety of rockets.
Jump, flip and smash your way through the streets!
Race against armed monster trucks and cause maximum destruction!
Last BattleLA RexDead Convoy
Play as a sniper and defend your base from the invading enemy forces.
You're an angry Tyrannosaurus Rex on the loose in the streets of LA!
Place explosives and blow up bridges to stop the enemy from passing.
Mechanical SoldierAwesome CarsWater Mania
Arm yourself and enter enemy territory in this platform shooter.
Upgrade your car and race around the world.
Battle the blazing fire before it destroys everything in it's path.
RescuenatorNY RexZombie Tank
You are the Rescuenator, rescue all people in danger!
New York City is invaded by super hungry and angry T-Rex!
Control a highly armored tank in this zombie pulverizing game!
Jelly TruckLondon RexBig Bad Ape
Drive a truck though a world made of jelly!
London is invaded by super hungry and angry T-Rex!
Take a giant King Kong sized ape for a walk and smash everything in your path.
Lethal RaceMexico RexMiami Rex
Upgrade your car and race on crazy tracks against insane drivers.
Youre an armed and dangerous Rex on the loose in Mexico!
You're a T-Rex on the loose in Miami!
Short LifeShort Ride
Avoid a bloody mess by avoiding deadly traps.
Ride and try to stay alive!