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Bigdino developer info | Keybol
Drag and ShootWords and PhysicsSplitman
A fun physics puzzler. Aim and shoot, blow stuff up and complete all 40 levels.
See if the laws of physics obey your keyboard input.
Split yourself into identical clones and find a way to the exit.
Surplus SoldiersVanguardsSplitman 2
Use soldiers as cannonballs in this physics puzzle game.
Control a squad of super heroes to protect the city.
Split yourself and work together to make it to the exit.
Sushi vs BlockiesRubpixGame of Arrows
It's reverse Angry Birds! Build a sturdy structure to protect your blockies.
Move blocks to recreate the required pattern.
Aim and launch your arrowheads at the bad guys and save your kingdom.
Zombies vs Penguins 3Kill the PlumberThe Video Game of Life
Use ricochet bullets and physics to eliminate all zombies
It's reverse Super Mario, find a way to kill Mario in each level.
Set your own goals and be rewarded for your efforts in this puzzle platformer.
Another Pretentious GamePretentious Game 5
An atmospheric puzzle game featuring a story inspired by a poem.
Part five of this minimalist platform game that touches complex themes..