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Bigdino developer info | LittleGiantWorld
Shop EmpireMonster CorpMonster Arena
Build the biggest, most luxurious shopping mall in the world.
Create your own monster themepark.
Raise and train your own monster pets, then send them into the arena to fight!
Shop Empire 2Mech WarriorResort Empire
Build and manage a big and luxurious shopping mall.
Train your mech to become a world class battle machine.
Build and manage your own holiday resort!
Happy TowerZombie MartSacred Heroes
Build and manage your own tower building.
Build and manage the world's first supermarket for zombies!
Protect and ancient temple by raising an army of soldiers and heroes.
Shop Empire RampageHappy MartShop Empire 3
Hire punks, saboteurs and thugs to rampage and destroy greedy corporations!
Create and run the happiest supermarket ever built.
Build and manage your own medieval shopping mall!
Asgard StoryMonster FrontierHalfling Tycoon
Assemble your warriors to fight orcs that have invaded the lands of Asgard.
Raise your own intergalactic monsters and send them into the arena!
Manage your village and defend it from giant monsters!
Shop Empire UndergroundShop Empire GalaxyShop Empire Fable
Build and run your own shopping mall for zombies!
Run your own futuristic shopping mall in space!
Step inside a fantasy kingdom and run your own shopping mall!
Foody Avenue
Open and manage your own restaurants along a busy road.