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Survive in an ocean full of super aggressive fish.
Get a little Gold
Collect gold. Buy buildings and upgrades, do researches and earn more gold!
Frog Fable
Explore a swampy world filled with evil frogs, magic and mystery.
Football League
Select your favorite player and try to score some goals.
Alien Complex
Explore an alien underground facility and save Planet Earth.
Miami Rex
You're a T-Rex on the loose in Miami!
Shop Empire Fable
Step inside a fantasy kingdom and run your own shopping mall!
Traffic Collision 2
Drive like a maniac, but try not to crash your car!
Grow into the longest, fattest and deadliest worm alive.
Wheely 8: Aliens
Help Wheely out after an alien encounter.
Hermine's Ghost Town Adventure
Hermine's jeep runs of gas in the middle of nowhere. Help her out.
Sacred Treasure
Travel through lands full of orcs, undead and trolls.
Stars From The Sky
Stars fell out of the sky. Collect all the stars in the name of Love.
Super Trucks 3D
Take your supercharged monster truck around the world to compete.
Moto 3XM 3
Ride the world's most insane obstacle courses.