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The Video Game of Life
Set your own goals and be rewarded for your efforts in this puzzle platformer.
Keep your ball on the screen for as long as possible and set a high score!
How to be a Gent
Become a block, explode, become a gentleman. Up for the challenge?
Ayo the Hero
Help Ayo recover a magical sphere which contains the source of life!
Rumble in the Soup
Ruthless rumble in the soup!
Bouncy and Monsto
Reunite two friends in this 'feel-good' puzzle physics game.
Super Bouncy Quest
Bounce around and complete quests in the super physics room!
Ninja Shape
Guide a lazy ninja towards his foe in this puzzle physics game.
Inflatable Basterds
Jump from rooftops, fire at helicopters, play some golf.. YOLO
Tropical Ice Tycoon
Serve cold drinks, expand your business and become a powerful tycoon!
Bring justice to the town of Cubestern.
Disaster Will Strike: Ultimate Disaster
Create natural disasters and crush all eggs on the screen.
A Stroll in Space
Cooperate with your pet monkey to escape the tentacles of a giant space monster.
Spiters Annihilation 3
The monsters are back and want revenge, get rid of them all. No Mercy!
William The Conqueror
Upgrade your warrior, defeat anything in your way and save the princess!