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Game Guide Pix City

Pix City is an adventure game that will give you hours of fun and exiting gameplay. Your new life at Pix City begins at your appartment. From there on, it's only up to you how your life will be. You will probably find some friends and get some really good relationships. But there aren't just nice people living on this small island, there are a gang called "xitrius" living here too. They are making the city more criminal. You and your buddies are the only one that can stop them and affect how the Pix City will end up. And if you're good you will find some good ways to earn big cash in this RPG inspired game!

This guide will give you a walkthrough from the start until the end of your life at Pix City island. As mentioned before, money are an important thing to have in this game. "Good ways to earn money" is just one of the things that will be brought up on "Tips n' Tricks". For the extreme Pix City lovers there are also some "Additional info". However, scroll down a bit to see what this guide has to offer!





> Pix City Story

> Unlimited mode

Tips n' tricks

> Good ways to earn money

> How to be a pro fighter

Additional info

> Pix City citizens

> Pix City Forums

> End of the guide


Pix City Story

Here's where it all starts, at your appartment! You might think, "hum, so whats up next?". Well, there's a lot of things you could do, but starting off by going out is probably what you should do. While going around out there, there might be someone needing help, who is willing to give you some money for it!

After some days you meet two of the city's "richies", Jerry and Tony. They usually hang around the casino and play on the playomatic. They are like the guys that get respect from anyone in the city. Almost anyone. One thing that bothers them are xitrius that's trying to sabotage for them, and others, in the island. That's why they hired you; they needed someone that could take care of this. Someone that could make xitrius leave the city, or at least be peaceful. It won't be easy, but not impossible. It's up to you!


Unlimited mode

Unlimited mode unlocks when the story mode is over, when all the missions are done and xitrius have been put back. So what is so special with this unlimited mode? The main reason why the unlimited mode was made was because there should be an option to continue playing after finishing the story mode (with missions etc.). However, the business tower opens which makes it a lot easier to earn faster cash than before. Now comes the chance to get really rich and buy all the stuff you ever wanted to! Now it's time to explore and try out all those other things Pix City have to offer! Some of those things can be found by scrolling down to "Good ways to earn money".

Besides the new business tower, there's also a little surprise baked in to the game. There's someone being a bit confused... enough said!


Tips n' Tricks

> Good ways to earn money <

Missions - If you help someone with something they will most likely give you money. Those missions can be found anywere at the island, so be observant!

Bank - For the smart ones, but also the risktakers, the bank can be a really great source of income! Start off by deposting money into your bank-account. Then, the money will increase different fast, depending on todays rate, every day. For example, if you have $100 in bank and todays rate are 12.4%, your money next day will be 100*1.124= $112.4. This is specially good if you're having the money in there for several days. The todays rate isn't, as you might have noticed, always 12.4%. It ranges from 10.0% - 17.0%. In the extreme days it can go up to as high as 40.0%, but that's very rare.

Playomatic – Play games at the playomatic! If you're a good tic-tac-toe player, there're a lot of money to be won here. Also, for the more lucky player, there is a lottery with prices up to $2000! To play those games you need to have playomatic-coins. Those can be bought at the casino checkout.

Race - If you have a car you also have a possibility to get $. Races are arranged at the carshop and as long as you win there will be new races!

Work - When you've finished the story mode, the buisness tower opens. Here you will be able to work by playing the buisness game. The more health- and strengthpoints you have, the better job you'll get which of course leads to more money!

- When you've got enught confidence by Jerry and Tony they will lead you here, to the abandoned university. By winning a fight you will get an amount of money. Sometimes it's hard to win a fight. You should then check out the "Be a pro fighter" a bit down. However, every fight won, the next fight pot will contain more money. Going as high as $300!


> How to be a pro fighter <

Being a good fighter depends a lot on how fast you're on the keyboard, but there's of course other things that you can think of that will most likely turn you to a pro fighter!

Firstly what you should know, is how the size of your punch is calculated.
Opponent health lost = Strength*(randomly 100 to 130% extra damage)/4
To easier understand this; the stronger (more strengthpoints) you are, the more damage.

- As soon as the "rage-bar" (orange) is full, press space. If waiting, you're getting unusable rage-points, that you could have used to kick your opponent.

- If one of the three bars are blocked (as Y and R are on the picture) you should try focusing on taking the letters coming on those bars (E, K, D). If you would miss the R (on the centre bar) there's no problem, but missing one of the other letters would lead to you getting a punch.


- If you can see two of the same letters, press that letter twice to be effective as possible. Instead of e.g. pressing A-G-H-A, press A-A-G-H. There're the small things that makes you a pro fighter.

If you still having problem winning a fight you could try buying things from the shop at the abandoned university. At some fights you almost must do this, because they are simply too hard to win otherwise. Several different things can be bought to make the fight a little easier. The knifes will raise your strength in fight, which makes you deal more damage. The protection vest gives you 20 extra health-points. That's good, because more health = handle more punches!

Additional info

> Pix City citizens <

Tony. Tony is a well-trained man, which likes to hang around at the casino. Messing with him is something that you will regret, but if he likes you, he may make you as rich as he is.

Jerry. Jerry is one of Pix City's most well-known! He helps anyone who's in trouble. Jerry is definitely someone you want to be with.

Xitrius. The gang Xitrius is making the city more criminal. That's something which makes the citizens worried. Xitrius will do anything to get cash and their headquarter is probably located at the industry building.

Old man. This old man may have something for sale. Where he came from and where he lives is unclear.

Mike. Some say he loves his car more than his wife.

Patty. Patty is always happy, especially to the people who are nice to her.

Rosie. The best salesman ever! You will surely buy something from her.

Doorkeeper. You will only be able to get through here if you know the right people. Otherwise, the doorkeeper will throw you away!

Marlyn. Marlyn is the only nurse in the city. If you ever hurt yourself you will come to her.

Joe. Sells coins to the playomatics. He lost all his money once, that's why he works his 24/7!

> Pix City Forums <

There's a Pix City community too! If you think Pix City simply is a great game, you should absolutely visit the Pix City Forums: Don't worry, you don't need to register to write a new post/topic. Just write!

Search around the forum or make a new topic if there's something that you want to know more about. To get an answer as fast as possible it's recommended that you search the forum first. But you're of course welcome to make a new topic, that's what the forum is for!

Maybe you're a Pix City pro? There's not very many of you, but you're very needed. Help the Pix City noobies and support the Pix City community by sharing your knowledge!

Other places to go: Facebook page (new games updates, etc.), (my website, contact me) and (more games).


> End of the guide <

Well, that was it! The guide ends here. Hope you now know some more about the game and enjoys playing it! Good luck!

//Greetings from Rasmusiboy, developer of Pix City

Pix City video walkthrough: