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The Proposal - Walkthrough

Josh's Apartment: click under the couch and take the hotel reservations. click on the books. go to the bathroom. open the cabinet door and take the bucket. leave the apartment and go to Becky's apartment.

Becky's Apartment: open the door, and pick up the perfume bottle. Leave place an go to hotel.

Hotel: give reservation to the receptionist. enter the elevator, go to floor B1. pick up the plunger. go back to the elevator and go to floor 1 (casino). win 100$ on the slot machine. go back to the elevator and go to floor 10. enter your suite (room 3). pick up matches (near the bed). leave the hotel and go to China-panda.

China-Panda: talk to the Chinese man. after he leaves use the bucket on the counter. use the plunger on the aquarium. leave place and go to the fortune teller.

Fortune Teller: give her the ink bucket. pay her 100$. she will give you an enchanted knife. go back to the hotel casino.

Hotel - Casino: Lose all your money at the casino. the security guy will take you to the interrogation room.

Hotel - interrogation room: Pick up crowbar from floor. click on the door and get out. go to the local convenient store.

Smart-Mart: use the perfume bottle on the newspaper stand. use matches on newspaper stand. go inside the stuff room. use the crowbar on Rocco's locker. click on the yellow pages. you connect all the names using diagonals just like the fortune teller said. the names intersect at the middle - M.T.Tomb pick up shovel. go to the cemetery.

Cemetery dig the center tomb. enter Rocco's evil lair.

Rocco's evil lair Use the enchanted knife on the rope near the stairs.