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Thumb Fighter Christmas
Smash each others thumbs in!
Magi Dogi
A Mario style platformer!
Viking Brawl
A one button Viking battle game.
Space Shoe
Kick and shoot anything that moves on your crazy journey to defeat the Carrot King.
Zombies Ate My Motherland
Help Ivan the capitalist to shoot some zombies before he flees with his tractor.
Battalion Commander 2
Grab your guns, rockets and grenades and battle through enemy territory.
Lead your robot through a labyrinth full of danger and obstacles.
Into Space 3: Xmas
Upgrade your rocket and recover Santa's stolen gifts.
Little Ninja
Avenge your ninja clan by defeating every bad ninja in your way.
Santa Run 2
Santa's late again.. Guide him to the toy factory in 60 secs!
Road of Fury
Blast your way through a post-apocalyptic wasteland.
Tesla: War of Currents
Tesla vs Edison, keep your team alive and blast your way through each level.