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Hue Cat
Fun platform runner game featuring a ginger cat.
Donut vs Donut
Go sumo wrestling with donuts!
The Spear Stickman
Aim and shoot to kill your opponent before you get hit yourself!
Gibbets: Santa in Trouble
Use your bow and arrow to save Santa Claus!
Fish Race Champions
Train your fish to become the fastest swimmer and win the championship.
Pinata Hunter 2
An addictive pinata bashing game, get as many candies as you can!
Haste Makes Waste
Help a slow turtle out and launch him across the forest.
Red Ball 4
Roll and jump though 15 new levels and save the world from turning square!
Demon Destroyer
Launch yourself and knock all demons off the stage.
Fires Revenge
Find the best path to reach the flag and burn down as much wood as you can.
Death vs. Monstars 2
Fight your way through the fast paced levels and defeat all bosses.
Super Gravity Rush
Outrun your opponent in this one button simutated multiplayer game.