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Mini Switcher
Siwtch gravity to reach the exit
Blob Tank Wars
Fight against cute tanks with bouncy bullets.
Thumb Fighter Christmas
Smash each others thumbs in!
Transmorpher 3
Morph into a new journey full of obstacles, traps and tons of floating stars.
Shark Lifting 2
Travel across the globe, lift sharks and break records!
Fire and Might
Unleash your dragon powers and blow away all humans in your path.
Papa Louie 3: When Sundaes Attack
Rescue Louie and his kidnapped customers in this platform adventure.
Family Rush
Gather your family and fight the incoming skeletons and monsters!
Boss Fighter 2
A brand new line up of epic bosses, rockets and various sci-fi upgrades.
Mad Day
Upgrade a military truck to rescue your octopus pet!
Doodle Brigade
Zombie doodles are coming your way, shoot!
Rock vs Zombies
They rise! They terrorize! But will the rock stop them?