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Thumb Fighter Christmas
Smash each others thumbs in!
Magi Dogi
A Mario style platformer!
Viking Brawl
A one button Viking battle game.
Accurate Boy
Aim to retrieve pirate ship toys in this block remover puzzle game.
Vex 2
Help the stickman survive insane hurdles in this danger packed platformer.
Papa Louie 2: When Burgers Attack
Rescue all your kidnapped customers in this platform adventure.
Ninja Miner
Use your ninja skills to explore a mine filled with gems.
LA Rex
You're an angry Tyrannosaurus Rex on the loose in the streets of LA!
Rokilot: The New World
Upgrade your mech fighting bot and become unstoppable!
N - the game 2
Run, jump and try not to die in this classic platformer.
Car Eats Car 2
Upgrade your car and stay ahead of the evil truck chasing you.
Alien Anarchy
Arm yourself to the teeth and fight the evil humans that have crash landed on your planet.