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Pigs Will Fly
A multi-cursor time manipulating puzzle game.
Nutty Mania
Launch the brave little squirrels to collect all nuts.
Not in My Dungeon!
Be the dungeon boss of a "MMORPG" game and defeat your opponents one by one.
Jack The Zombie
Save your undead friends by turning all humans into toast.
Clover Flower
Bring water and sunlight to the clover flower to make it blossom.
Awesome Pirates
Upgrade your fort and cannons, wipe those pirates out!
Sushi vs Blockies
It's reverse Angry Birds! Build a sturdy structure to protect your blockies.
Tug the Table
Beat your opponent in a table pulling contest.
Doctor Acorn
Help Mr Acorn find a way past many hazardous obstacles.
Troll Cannon 2
Shoot your cannon and watch your troll cause mayhem in this wacky physics shooter.
Soccer Balls 2: Level Pack
Hit the referees and score in all goals in this puzzle physics game.
Hell on Duty
Fire ragdolls to send all of Hell's demons into the boiling pot.