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Doodle God: Good Old Times
Combine elements to create Castles and Knights!
Little Alchemy 2
Combine four basic elements, fire, water, earth and air to re-invent the world.
Hermine's Ghost Town Adventure
Hermine's jeep runs of gas in the middle of nowhere. Help her out.
Double Win
Help two friends solve puzzles and uncover the truth behind this little story.
Portal 2D
A tribute to Valve’s console puzzle game Portal 2.
Orange Gravity 2
Use ropes and the laws of physics to collect all lemons, avoid getting squashed!
Spiters Annihilation Level Pack
More purple monsters coming your way. No mercy!
Creatively Complicated
Complete a series of puzzles in this point and click game.
Pour The Fish
Deliver water to the dried out fish.
Dynamite Train
Blow up bridges and don't let any trains pass!
Sticky Linky
Remove chains of sticky blobs to create and collect some very sticky creatures.
Cargo Bridge 2
Build a strong bridge so your workers can carry the goods home.