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Death Lab
Take out the guards one by one and find a way to escape the lab.
Not in My Dungeon!
Be the dungeon boss of a "MMORPG" game and defeat your opponents one by one.
Orange Gravity
Collect all lemons using an orange and the rules of physics.
Vehicles 2
Ram your car into the bad cars and clear the roads of evil.
Fire it Up
Light up the cave by starting a fire.
Penguin Slice 2
Rid the world of angry penguins.
Pipol Smasher
Cars vs Humans, crush all pedestrians!
Zombie Smasher
Cars vs Zombies, crush all of the undead!
Roly-Poly Eliminator 2
It's not a good day to be a Roly-Poly. Show no mercy!
Gluey 2
Help free the gluey blobs until you have no blobs left.
Rubble Trouble: New York
Blow up buildings using a variety of machines and explosives.
Crush the Castle 2 PP
New home made levels for this castle crusher game.