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Viking Quest
Point and click to prove your worth to be called a "Viking".
Larva Dream
Help an overambitious larva build a helicopter.
Robot Mom
Point and click to escape your captivity and find back your robotic mom.
Dungeon Clicker
Click and fight evil monsters.
Deterministic Dungeon
Press the red button to decide your fate in this dungeon explorer RPG.
The Story of Brewster Chiptooth
Brewster Chipptooth has enough of pirate life and decides to go solo.
Papa's Bakeria
You're hired! Build big-time pies in Papa's Bakeria.
Recruit creatures, attack your enemies, evolve and become stronger!
One Million Skeletons
Upgrade your skills and defeat one million skeletons!
Mutant Fighting Cup 2016
Mutate your feline pets and unleash fury upon your enemies!
Blacksmith Lab
Gather resources and forge tools in this idle clicker game.
Curse of the Mushroom King
Bad Viking has been cursed, go on a quest to find a cure.